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About Ryder RedZone


Your loyalty—to Ryder or to any company—is not just handed out randomly. Your loyalty must be earned.


For more than 80 years at Ryder, we’ve made it our priority to earn that trust, and to continuously find new ways to delight you and keep you coming back. That’s what Ryder RedZone is all about.


RedZone is the only loyalty program of its kind in the industry. For every rental dollar you spend with us, we reward you with free points that are redeemable for thousands of great items—all available in one easy-to-use website, all delivered directly to you. RedZone is our way of going the extra mile to thank you for your business.


At the end of the day, as you head down the road in one of our Ryder trucks, your happiness is ultimately our reward. So please, take advantage of the great loyalty rewards available at RedZone. You deserve the best. That’s what we aim to deliver.


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